Randprogrammering 2.0 ''Arabic Movie"

“Arabic Movie” a fascinating Israeli documentary
A film day, hosted by Anat Ratzabi in courtesy of the
Israeli Egyptian film makers Eyal Sagui Bizawe& Sarah Tsifroni

“A brilliant and compelling look at our place within the Middle East
through the cultural lens”. Back in the days, when there was only one
television channel to choose from and when Israel and Egypt were at war, families
across Israel would gather in their homes on Friday nights to watch old Arablanguage
classics. How did Israeli television obtain these films? Why were they
shown? This unexpected documentary brings us the stars, the stories, and takes us
directly into living rooms brimming with nostalgia.

13.30 Introduction lecture about the social and cultiral influences of the
Arabic cinema in the arab world, by film expert & journalist Jielis van Baalen
14.20 Short brake
14.30 “The scent of prayer” storytelling by Anat Ratzabi
14.40 Screening “Arabic Moie”
15.40 Q&A
16.15 Thee & dadels
17.00 End of event

Dit is mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Gemeente Den Haag, Fonds 1818 en de Van Byland Stichting.


zondag, 10 december, 2017 - 13:30