"Polycephaly - I. Southwood feat. I. Southwood”

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24 mrt 2018 t/m 17 apr 2018
  • Voorhoutgalerie

De tentoonstelling wordt geopend op 24 maart om 15.00 uur door Professor David Southwood, former director of Science and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency. 
The exhibition opens on march 24th at 15.00 by Professor David Southwood, voormalig directeur van Science and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency.

Ian Southwood (b. 1948, UK) is a photorealist painter and has been a member of the Pulchri Studio since 2004. Southwood uses photographs as a reference for his paintings, a practical way of isolating and focusing on a fragment of reality.

“I find that the edge of the stretched canvas is imprecise and arbitrary, so I inset the edge of the painted image, leaving a border of white primed canvas. This is not just a painted frame, but a way of establishing an exact perimeter. Often I use an airbrush to help make paintings without a particular "handwriting" or style. My paintings reaffirm the rational - the mundane, everyday, material world.”

Since 2012, Ian has been collaborating with daughter, Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood (b. 1990, UK). In 2015 they made "What my Mum saw when she was off her face on morphine painted by my Dad". This was a way of documenting the persistent waking dream that Isabelle's mother and Ian’s wife, Meg, had experienced after undergoing major surgery. The processes that Meg, Ian and Isabelle went through in the making of this painting functioned as a unifying act for the family in a time of trauma and aftershock.

Ian and Isabelle have made several other works together, always utilising their different perspectives and skills to challenge, reinvigorate and support each other’s artistic practices.

Voorhoutgalerie, 24 maart t/m 17 april 2018

Pulchri maakt gebruik van de KunstKoop regeling van het Mondriaan Fonds 

www.iansouthwood.co.uk - www.izsouthwood.com

Photo: "What my Mum saw when she was off her face on morphine painted by my Dad", acrylic on canvas, 82 x 122cm, 2015 - 2018. A collaborative work by Isabelle, Meg and Ian Southwood