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Pulchri Studio is an artist society and contemporary art gallery, located in the beautiful and historic centre of The Hague. Pulchri Studio offers visitors the chance to see and buy an exciting range of paintings, sculptures, photographs and other works of art. Our affiliated artists show their works in seven different spaces, set over two floors. On average Pulchri Studio hosts 50 exhibitions a year, so there is always something new to see every time you visit! Should you tire of all this visual stimulation, visit our cafe/restaurant for a refreshing cup of coffee or a meal and if  the weather allows it relax a bit in our courtyard/garden.

Admission is free of charge and Pulchri is open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 till 17.00 hours.

Address: Lange Voorhout 15, 2514 EA Den Haag. Tel. 070-3461735                      info@pulchri.nl    www.pulchri.nl

For travel directions and information about public transport please click here.

Location for events

The gallery rooms can be hired for seminars, meetings, dinners and parties.

Please contact Museum Catering tel 070-7200720.


Pulchri Studio offers membership to its Society to both artists and art-lovers. For artists it means a chance to display their work and for art-lovers it means having access to a number of extra benefits.

Artists’ membership: Visual artists can obtain membership after approval by the Selection Committee. For information about this procedure please call 070-3461735 or mail info@pulchri.nl.  The yearly membership fee for artists is  € 143,- plus a once-only entrance fee of € 10,-.

Patron of Pulchri: Art-loving members can become Patrons of Pulchri. A Patron will receive a discount when purchasing artworks. Members (and their guests) will have a standing invitation for all the monthly openings and the additional events organized by the Society, such as lectures and (jazz)concerts. Members also receive the quarterly magazine 'Pulchri Blad'.

Registration via info@pulchri.nl, the counter at Pulchri Studio or by way of filling in  this form. The yearly subscription fee is € 250,- plus a once-only entrance fee of € 35,-.


The art of giving

Pulchri Studio is officially recognized as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO). It’s RSIN number is 002869524. You can check the registry here.  

An institution can be qualified as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) solely when at least 90% of the institutions efforts are focused on the general good.

Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) are offered a number of tax advantages:

  • A PBO does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances or gifts that the institution allocates to the general good.
  • A PBO does not  pay Dutch gift tax on gifts that the institution makes for the general good.
  • Persons making donations to a PBO may enjoy Dutch tax benefits.
  • Institutions must meet the following conditions to be designated as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO): the institution is not a company with capital divided into shares, a cooperative, a mutual insurance society or another body that may issue participation certificates.
  • At least 90% of the institutions efforts must be focused on the general good. This is referred to as the 90% requirement.
  • The institution and the persons directly involved in the institution must comply with the integrity requirements.
  • A director or person determining the policy may not treat the institutions assets as personal assets. The assets must be segregated.
  • A PBO may not retain more assets than reasonably required for the institutions work. For this reason the institutions assets must remain limited.
  • The directors’ remuneration must be restricted to an expense allowance or a minimum attendance fee.
  • A PBO must possess an up-to-date policy plan.
  • The PBOs costs must be in reasonable proportion to its expenditure.
  • Funds remaining after the dissolution of the institution must be allocated to a general good objective identical to the institutions objective.
  • A PBO is governed by specific administrative obligations.

Pulchri meets all those criteria.


Why would you donate?

Well because Pulchri is of paramount importance to you. You have a bond with it. You care about it. You enjoy it. You want to transfer your passion. And shape your band in some way or other. Or you are just happy to contribute so the foundation of Pulchri can be strengthened.

What you may not know is that giving can be arranged in a fiscally interesting way. Ask us for the possibilities or check the website of the Dutch Tax Authority by clicking here. For more information about an ANBI (PBO) click here.


Periodic gifts

So-called regular donations are fully deductible from income for income tax purposes. However, special conditions apply. You must be in a simple agreement - that you can download from belastingdienst.nl (agreement periodical gift in money).

To qualify you must donate for at least five consecutive years and at least once a year a fixed amount to Pulchri. Pulchri is an institution registered with the tax authorities with the ANBI status (Public Benefit Organization). The gifts must stop when you die. You can also instruct that the donations end when the Pulchri loses it ANBI status (PBO status) or goes bankrupt.

In some cases Pulchri pays the costs and arrange the notary deed for you.



In addition to your family members, you can include good causes, such as cultural institutions like Pulchri, in your will. You can then appoint the cultural institutions as (joint) heir or legatee. A cultural one institution that - like Pulchri - has the ANBI status (PBO), does not pay any inheritance tax.

As a result, this (part of) your estate will fully benefit art and culture.


Set up a testament

If you have specific wishes about the distribution of your estate, you must pass it on by one notary to lay down In a will.


Inheritance or legacy

You can choose between an inheritance or legacy for a cultural institution in your will. The assumption is an option whereby the cultural institution receives an inheritance, for example a certain part or percentage of your estate. The size of the acquisition depends in this case on the total omitted power. Pulchri will only accept an inheritance of an estate if the legacy is positive and no conditions are attached to it (such as the permanent exhibition in a gallery) that makes it unattractive for Pulchri to accept the inheritance. In your will you can describe exactly which part of your legacy for Pulchri.

With your help you will contribute to the maintenance of our historic building, or you contribute to high-profile exhibitions or you help and support artist building their career.