Personal Relations

25 feb 2017 t/m 29 mrt 2017
  • Tuingalerie

The exhibition will be opened on Saturday the 25th of February at 5pm,  by Marieta Reijerkerk, Chairman of the Exhibition Committee.

Personal Relations

An international touring miniature-portrait exhibition. 

Participating Artist Associations:
The London Group - London, UK
Pulchri Studio - The Hague, The Netherlands
This is Not Art - Vicenza, Italy

In a time of global political anxiety, where national identities and borders are reinforced in the name of security and guarantees, Personal Relations creates unexpected and appealing international cultural bridges and fosters a sense of unity and collaboration alongside artistic excellence and innovation. Its aim is to achieve the production of new works the size of a mobile phone created by artist members of different international artists' associations.
As miniature portraits were made and often given as a political gift to a king or ambassador, it also aims to strengthen international bonds on an artistic level. Over 150 artists were invited to respond to the history of the miniature-portrait, capturing the identity of the subject to create an intimate dialogue with the viewer. The miniature-portraits were presented in London at The Cello Factory, in December 2016. The touring exhibition will travel to The Hague (the Netherlands), Vicenza (Italy) and elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

In particular, the project aspires to:
• Create opportunities for artist collectives to work together internationally under a unique and inspiring conceptual framework.
• Foster new work and ground-breaking reinterpretations of the classic miniature portrait tradition.
• Present portraits as ambassadors travelling from country to country: what message will they bring?
• Research the significance of portraiture in an era of fast portrait making (selfies/Iphone).
• Create international connections and networking opportunities and a platform for cultural exchange.                                                                      

Curating team:
Cristiana Bottigella & Tisna Westerhof are a curatorial team, co-founders and directors of hARTslane, an experimental art project space in South East London.

Pulchri Studio, 25th February–29th March, 2017
Vernissage Saturday, 25th February 2017, 5-7pm
Lange Voorhout 15, 2514 EA The Hague, The Netherlands
Mirror Gallery, 29th April–4th June 2017
PV Saturday, 29th April 2017, 6-8pm
Contrada Porta Santa Lucia 18, 36100 Vicenza, Italy

Tuingalerie, 25th february - 29th  march 2017