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Pulchri Studio is an artists' association and gallery that has been founded in 1847, but is still young at heart. The name Pulchri is derived from Latin and means as much as ´out of love for the arts´. Whilst Studio means workplace, Pulchri is not and has not a physical workroom but is a place where ideas are born and showcased, art is traded, acquittances are made and friendships are forged.

On average there are 60 different exhibitions per year, so there is always something new to see with every visit! Pulchri Studio has a club annex café-restaurant where you are welcome from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon. Admission is free.


If you want to buy art or if you are interested in a membership, a party, a reception or a meeting in one of the unique spaces, please contact us at info@pulchri.nl. A lot is possible at Pulchri Studio! All public areas in our building - including the exhibition rooms on the 1st floor - are wheelchair accessible.

During the day, visitors can have lunch or a drink in our café / restaurant. And then there is the enclosed courtyard garden which functions as a sheltered terrace, a wonderful place to stay.

Cafe Restaurant


Art lovers as well as artists can become members of the Pulchri Studio Association. For artists it means an opportunity to showcase their work and for art lovers it means among other things access to the exhibitions and activities and to get to know some if not most of the over four hundred artists who are member of Pulchri. For art lovers it means ´out of love for the arts´ in optimal form.

Visual artists can obtain an Artist membership after approval by the balloting committee. The balloting committee convenes about four times a year. Please contact us for details.

Art-loving members are supporting the Association and thus the artists. As a member you also have access to the club (café / restaurant) after closing time of the gallery, you receive our Newsletters and the Pulchri magazine. In addition, the members (and their guests) receive a permanent invitation to all monthly openings and the extra events that the Association organizes, such as lectures and concerts.

Would you like to become a member of our cultural association and meet like-minded people, than please contact us.

All information can be obtained and applications can be directed via info@pulchri.nl

Venue for events

The gallery spaces can be rented for seminars, meetings, dinners and parties. Please contact our caterer directly: Museum Catering 070-7200720 | sales@museumcatering.nl

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