Barbara Asei Dantoni

Barbara Asei Dantoni is an artist and designer graduated from Ecole de Design Strate in Paris.
Before she studies Design, she trained very early in drawing, painting and ceramic at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Pau (France), that she joined during 8 years.

She collaborates with brands in different fields as luxury industry, textile, furniture for creative projects and artistic projects.
In 2015, she won the Jacquart Design Trophy, an international design prize launched by Champagne Jacquart and the Paris Design Week.

As a versatile artist, Barbara likes to open bridges between creative worlds
Throught her artistic project called "Imaginary Identities", she creates a series of artworks inspired by her multicultural roots.
She uses drawing, painting, textile, in a rich chromatic palette, enhanced with gold worked in detail. Metallic paper scales form precious reptilian volumes.
She accumulates points and incantatory lines recalling the paths of dreams in Aboriginal art.
By mixing pictorial and textile research, she creates weaving effects or graphic landscapes in leather marquetry.

In this way, the artist discusses her origins and her vision of a multicultural identity.
The viewer is led to question the meaning of "identity" as an intimate definition of self.