Megan Irusta Cornet

Megan Irusta Cornet (1999, she/her)
Due to moving environments frequently as a child, I had a hard time defining a sense of ‘home’ which then became a situation of making my own ‘home’ online. Much like other people from my generation, it was more common to find a sense of identity first and foremost online. The role of technology is heightened and escapisms within the internet is of particular interest. I found through studying photography, that it was difficult to work with ‘real-life’ subjects which is why my practice has evolved into creating animated characters in worlds in the digital sphere; ones which I can control and manipulate however I deem fit. A thought-invoked starting point, questioning realities which could later develop into potential futures.

Alongside moving image and sound, 3D printed scultpures and acrylic prints are showcased.