Sylvestre Gauvrit

Born in a forest of millennium oaks just before the eighties, Sylvestre has past most of his childhood climbing trees and observing nature.. and later on surfing waves around the globe. Sylvestre was a sculptor before being born, always with things and tools in his hands and his imagination would do the rest, extremely sensitive, perceptive and a bit shy.
He graduated at the Accademia Belle Arti of Carrara and worked then in various institutional art studios in Pietrasanta, Italy where he mastered his techniques of carving marble, especially monumental pieces and eventually created his own studio to make his own pieces. He now works and lives between Italy and the Netherlands. His sculptures are part of numerous public and private collections in the major cultural cities around the globe such as Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Hong-Kong, Dubai...
His words:
My mission here is to contribute raising humanity’s consciousness level with art.
Allow my art to touch you, connect with you, awaking your senses and let your inner mind to go with the flow of mother nature... Life is an amazing gift and we should all honour that. Be aware of it’s fragility and difficulty so you can enjoy and be grateful everyday to be able to live in this magic world.. beautiful and bad.. yin and yang... Perfectly imperfect..
Abstract art is about questioning your guts and your reptilian brain. Do not ask yourself what is it and or what does it means.. I’m interested in the feelings you cannot put words in them, so dont try to.. Just feel.. does it make makes me feel good or bad.?
Do I feel an energy? And isn’t it beautiful to feel that? Powerful?
My desire is to awake you emotionally, feel the pathos and eventually take you to meet a new consciousness level.