Ellen Yiu - Take my home away

Deze expositie is de eerste uit een reeks van exposities waarbij Pulchri Studio een van haar galerieruimtes, voor de duur van een aantal maanden, aan laureaten van de Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK) aangeboden heeft. In deze tentoonstelling is Ellen Yiu (1997, Hong Kong) aan de beurt.

Ellen Yiu: Take my Home Away is an immersive installation that reflects a perpetual questioning of identity and semiology with an inviting home setting. Bringing together over a hundred pieces in my journey travelled, the work includes a framework drawing of a dollhouse, pigmented with homegrown flowers, and offset by a tender dispersion of miniature and multiples. 

The collection is accompanied by wearable quilts, comprised of elements that allude to the idea  of a home. There are pieces that are key to my development, such as the hand-drawn pill box Po Kit Pills and the mysterious and provocative Nipple Hair Book. The interchangeable use of bold and unusual materials celebrates a multiplicity of techniques and is the result of my basic joy of making and storytelling. Playful in spirit, the non-traditional and experimental approaches reflect my desire to subvert boundaries between practical and avant- garde hierarchies, and to expand the limits of medium specificity. 

Combined with the fragility of hair and miniatures, the installation creates tension and intrigues the comfortable, yet vulnerable home space. It communicates my personal archive of memories and experiences, enriched by modular and adaptable partitions.

De tentoonstelling is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Pulchro Sacrum.


Dinsdag 12 juli 2022
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