Michiel van der Zwan - Shadowsofthemind

Describe the mind how What is it connected to what to everything to Notting. Feelings what language music Patterns  Black and white Color how. Make the invisible visible it is not the image it is another level looking at an abstract concept of the mind shadows of the mind, knowing it is impossible to show it but trying so connection to everything in the mind is everything connected complex complicated simple writing vs drawing it triggers the mind it is going somewhere evolving over time discovering area's never before adventure not the image but mindset of the Mona Lisa all snapshots connected with the pattern looking to find the connection between the self and the other everything is connected on another level looking at the image is looking directly into the mind when is everything connected and full Color looking at an individual as a whole another level another art connect together and creating something beautiful.

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Zaterdag 18 september 2021
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Dinsdag 12 oktober 2021


Zaterdag 18 september 2021 om 15:00 uur

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