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Ai Hashimoto
Kinoko Bronze - Akane (2019)

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10 x 10 x 10 (cm)


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Bronze sculpture with Japanese unique coloring techniques.

This bronze work is a collaboration between a Japanese master of copperware and Ai Hashimoto.
It is a precious work of art that combines Japanese tradition and contemporary art.

About Bronze colouring in Japan
Bronze ware is said to be an art form that appreciates rust. Skilled masters use a variety of techniques to corrode the metal and bring out its vibrant 'colours'. Colours from Japan-specific techniques are completely different. It is difficult to find such masters even in Japan, but they understand in a sensitive way how to adjust components of solution or timing of heating on the basis of weather, humidity, components of alloy, polished levels.
A point worth mentioning is that Japanese masters often use local ingredients closely related to the Japanese way of life such as green tea, grated radish, sake, rice bran, sour plums and of course Urushi (a Japanese natural lacquer).

About Kinoko
A major inspiration for one of her stories is the tsunami disaster in Japan. She developed the story about the character 'Kinoko', who develops new kinds of organisms and creates an unfamiliar landscape out of the barren desert.
Kinoko is a mushroom-headed character who descends from the sky carrying a bag filled with the essence of life.

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