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Alex Bras

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(acrylverf op papier)


121 x 84 x 3 (cm)


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Acrylic on cardboard, black metal frame with museum glass

The red whale is both monstrously heavy and weightless. As well as that invisible burden which each of us carries/ holds/ drags throughout every day of our lives. A burden of thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories, hopes and disappointments. It cannot be shaken off or even shared with anyone, and at the same time, it is beautiful. Beautiful because in many ways it creates our identity. Sometimes it splashes with small fishies of gold, sometimes it gathers in a red air giant with fins.
But the most important thing is that it continues to be bearable for us. Water makes a multi-ton whale light and supports it with ease. What helps us to carry our burden?
All the commonplace things. Relatives, friends, beauty, nature and art. Mainly ourselves. We are designed to be undeniably strong and stable, sometimes without even realizing our own strength, mental and physical.
On some days it seems to me that I am deep under water. An invisible layer separates me from the rest of the world. I know that you also know this feeling - of water suffocating overhead.
But beautiful creatures live in this ocean.

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