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Ai Hashimoto
Unfamiliar Landscape - Pink Diverse (2023)

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(acrylverf op canvas)


120 x 100 x 2 (cm)


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"Unfamiliar Landscape” is a series of artworks based on a story by Ai Hashimoto. A major inspiration for the story is the tsunami disaster in Japan. In the story, everything was destroyed by a natural disaster called the "Pink Tsunami". Afterwards, many new lives were born on the land and everything was covered with new life. The landscape was unfamiliar.

Prologue of the story:

After the Pink Tsunami disaster, everything was gone and covered with pink sand. All living things seemed to be extinct. One day, 'Kinoko' came down from the sky. It was carrying a yellow bag full of the essence of life.
Kinoko was alone. It took the bag and put the bottom head into the ground. It sat down in a relaxed pose for a while. Small balls began to bubble on the surface of the bag and quickly covered everything. Suddenly all the balls burst and were absorbed into the pink desert. Then new life began, like bamboo shoots after rain. It seemed to be new life that did not exist in the previous world. Everything was covered with new life. The landscape is unfamiliar. It was the beginning of a new era, for better or for worse.

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