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Mariska Karto
Climate change (2021)

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200 x 105 x 1 (cm)


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This fresco shows current issues in our society. At first sight, a classical fresco, but on closer look, it shows its time-travel, to our complex issues in current time. In this contemporary fresco you see a steam pipe. The polluter. Humanity is trapped in the steam pipe pollution, smog/ CO2. Within the fresco form various stories can be seen visualized in stories of absurdism, surreality, emotions and metaphors. It is visible, man does not take it serieus with nature, nature is trampled underfoot. The opposite can also be seen, man who wants to cherish nature, a piece of mushroom (symbolic mushroom) and ultimately has to pay a lot of money for this peace of nature. The fall through garbage can be seen in the centre of the crowd. The smog that is left behind when we fly, when we travel, by the woman with her travel bag. Pink mushrooms stand for artificial nature but which ultimately do not provide a solution. Chilling results in waste, which pollutes our environment and creates an unpleasant living environment. There are quarrels, there are fights. In this contemporary fresco, the diverse consequences and connections made visual of what ultimately happens if we don’t take care of our world and climate. I consciously chose the shape of a fresco, precisely because CO2 is in the air and the historical fresco is also a means to depict humanity/social community throughout history.

**Dit werk maakte deel uit van Klimaatexpo Europe 2022, Museum de Fundatie te Zwolle (The Netherlands)**
Andere formaten op bestelling verkrijgbaar/ available in other sizes in request

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