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Alex Bras
GOLDFISH (Double family portrait) (2021)

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(acrylverf op papier)


140 x 160 x 3 (cm)


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Acrylic on cardboard, black metal frame with Artglass AR 70
Diptych 60x160cm 80x150cm

Goldfish here is a metaphor of loss. Whether that be parental, friends, or life. As the goldfish ascend, the couple watches as the souls leave their confines. Some remain in limbo, while others have left this realm. On to another! A different place, a different world.

Loss can be both beautiful, and very, very hard. But as long as we have someone with whom we can share the things we lose, the image of the bowl will forever remain half full. The reason for splitting this portrait in two is to show how one can be together, regardless of them being apart. Even if that's only in memory, or thought.
You will forget me soon, 

Those who draw fish. 

As you swim around, escape like a breath. 

You will be right here.

And I will float away.

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