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Alex Bras

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(gemengde techniek op papier)


194 x 134 x 6.5 (cm)


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Acrylic+coloured pencil on cardboard, wooden frame with Artglass AR 70
Work size 134x194 cm
Frame size 50,5x60,5 cm

2nd Prize "Lorenzo il Magnifico" International Award for Art at XIV Florence Biennale 2023

This painting contains three narrative threads. The first is the Gospel of Luke, wherein Gabriel comes down from heaven to tell the Virgin Mary she will soon bare a child. The prophet of Nazareth. The son of god. The baby Jesus Christ. This scene signifies birth and purity as Mary carefully listens to Gabriel while kneeling on a carpet of lilies. The work uses the Christian plot as a metaphor. That any form of childbirth is a miracle and brings with it the hope that suffering might end.

The second scene exemplifies this. A large explosion destroyed the New Kakhovka Dam in June 2023. As a result, the town flooded and left thousands homeless, hopeless, and filled with fear. The devastation from this event returns in the three nuclear explosions found in the background. The wars of past, present, and future. Another interpretation could be that these explosions are traces left behind after the birth of the universe.

Regardless of these interpretations, the third narrative is reminiscent of the Lady and The Unicorn. This fifteenth century tapestry is large and mysterious, and hangs in the Cluny museum in Paris. It is an echo of the mercy, truth, peace, justice, and hope the scene of the Annunciation holds. In this way, the painting aims to connect Annunciation II both to art history and our current lives.

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