Gabriela Acha

Visual Artist and performer born in Cordoba, Argentina. Graduated from the Faculty of Arts with a specialization in sculpture in 2014 at the National University of Cordoba.
Since 2014 is part of the collective Expedicion, that works connecting arts and natural science.

Her works are part of public and private collections. She participated in artistic residencies in Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and Italy among other countries. Having received the Holland Excellence scholarship, in 2020 she graduated at the Master in ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague, Netherlands.

Her artistic process is highly interdisciplinary and she has worked in cooperation with different scientific institutions such as the National Museums of Natural History from Uruguay and Chile, the National Academy of Science of Cordoba, Argentina, and the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology of Florence, Italy. She reflects on the museums, as primarily colonial institutions where a discourse is built. The main focus of her process goes around the concepts of Herstory and decolonial thinking.



A museum in a wardrobe.

Trilobite. Fossil. Collection Gabriela Acha.



Performance A museum or two. E.A.C. Uruguay. 2018


Intervention of the National Museum of Natural History from Uruguay.

Performance A museum or two. E.A.C.