Harmke Datema Chang

Playfully creating organic delicate excesses of the universe in large scale sculptures and paintings. Harmke Datema-Chang (1980) began her practice with considerable research of biological elements and bodies. The aim is finding new visual outcomes of the Origin, the ovulation, the big bang, and the orgasm of life on a microscopic and macro level. To be open and receptive to the shapes, figures and colors that translate themselves in new artistic dimensions.

Harmke is the founder of the Dutch branch of NoEsUnaGaleria, a community of Artists based in Mexico-City, England and the Netherlands. Harmkes studio in Utrecht is situated at an industrial harbor called The Nijverheid. Here she developed multiple art events with A radical twist about the value of art. To learn from the experience and lifestyle of her artists friends, you often find her working and living in Mexico-City.

“Everyone has their different view of what they’re seeing in my art. Different perspectives, background story’s and images. No image or story is the same.“

Harmke Datema-Chang graduated from the University of Arts in Utrecht in 2006 and completed a Master of Arts and Education in Amsterdam in 2018.

Instagram: @hd.Chang



Detail sculptuur

Kunstwerk op rotonde Almkerk

Installation at @uncloud.nl